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Conservation and Development Plan

Conservation and development plans are classical tools of nature conservation authorities. They represent a transparent and legally binding work base nature conservation administrations on a professional basis. The conservation and development plan of the Droemling was established in the context of Droemling/Saxony-Anhalt Large-Scale Nature Conservation Project. Due to the related obligations to the Federal Republic of Germany under public funding law, this planning instrument also has far-reaching binding effects for other professional administrations. Modifications or updates need to be agreed and confirmed by Germany’s Federal Agency for Nature Conservation as the competent federal authority.

Pflege- und Entwicklungsplan 01

Summary of the Droemling conservation and development plan 2015.

The brochure summarizes and explains the contents of the area’s nature conservation plans in a generally understandable way. In addition, the content was supplemented with regard to historical facts, current problems and approaches to nature conservation in the Droemling are described below. The brochure is free of charge. The Association ordered the brochure.

Pflege- und Entwicklungsplan 02

Conservation and development plan (CDP) for the Ohre-Droemling Nature Conservation Area as a basis for the preparation of management plans (MAP) for FFH and bird sanctuaries in the Droemling Nature Park (update).

To some extent, planning also represents an update of the previous conservation and development plan. The principal was the State Administration Office (Droemling Nature Park Administration) of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Pflege- und Entwicklungsplan 03

Conservation and development plan for the Droemling Large-Scale Nature Conservation Project (State of Saxony-Anhalt sub-project).

The plan was created on 30 January 1996. The order was placed by the Association in the framework of the Droemling/Saxony-Anhalt Nature Conservation Project.

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