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Invitations to tender for Services

Award number; invitations to tender or
job description

Type of procedure

Deadline for the submission of tenders/period of execution or performance deadlines

Place of execution and/or performance

Scope of services

Further information or tender documents

(in accordance with Section 19 VOL/A)

Visitors resting places in the Droemling
Assessment of nature observation facilities

Request for tenders by private contract award


City of Kloetze, catastral units Jahrstedt-Steimke, Kusey and City of Gardelegen, catastral unit Jerchel (outdoor area respectively)

Expert assessment of condition of timber construction and material, damage; 2. Representation of the test results as a written report with photo documentation, 3. Development of recommend-dations on maintenance and repair

Awarding body (see contact)



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