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Travelling the Area

Im Gebiet unterwegs

The Droemling can be explored very well by bicycle or on foot as a hiker. As a recreational area, including for weekend excursions, the area is appreciated by visitors from the surrounding area. Vantage points or adventure areas are suitable as destinations. The view from the observation towers in the north at the pathway “Germenauer Heuweg” or in the south at the pathway “Jercheler Heuweg” is fascinating. One more recommendation is to visit the “Roewitz Semi-Open Pasture Landscape” where primeval aurochs (heck cattle) can be seen. There is a rest area with parking lots. You can use signposted short hiking routes, for example, and spend Sunday afternoon in the Droemling. You can monitor the world of birds at a one hectare shallow water zone in the Solpke ditch from the Dreyhorst observation tower.

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