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Large-Scale Nature Conservation Project

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In the course of German reunification in 1990, a nature conservation-oriented landscape development was initiated in the Droemling, which received support at various levels and was accompanied by a far-reaching financial commitment.

Since 1992, the Association has acted as a sponsor of the Droemling/Saxony-Anhalt Nature Conservation Project within the federal funding programme “Identification and safeguarding of natural areas in need of protection that are of representative importance for the country as a whole”.

In this context, the Association acquired approx. 4,100 hectares of land until 2012, converted approx. 780 hectares of arable land into grassland and forest, implemented forest redevelopment measures on over 40 hectares, built more than 70 wetland biotopes as well as near-natural riverbanks of 4.5 km in length and built two fish ladder facilities. Add 16 dams, 119 trench connections and 600 m of dam elevation for water retention in the fenland areas.

Karte Naturschutzprojekt Drömling

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